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April 05 2018

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Interested in Learnong How to Quilt?

The complexity of quilting and the time it takes to finish a project have made many people reluctant to learn how to make their own. They are interested in learning, but are not sure they can master the techniques. While many quilters still create their masterpieces the traditional way, modern tools and techniques have been developed to make quilting easier and less time-consuming. Quilting machines for both homes and businesses utilize computers and pantographs to create patterns.

A Blend of Tradition and Technology

Quilting machines do not mass-produce finished projects. There are still skills and creativity required of the quilter, it is just a bit easier to use quilting patterns that may be beyond the artistic ability of some quilters. Books, stencils, and quilting patterns means quilters do not have to spend hours on the floor cutting stripes or blocks of fabric and placing them out to be sewn by hand. The technology helps the project along rather than take over the process.

How to Begin

Those familiar with doing other crafts and projects, such as making clothing, knitting or crocheting items, or doing embroidery or cross stitch, can usually pick up quilting via books, instructions, videos, or adult education classes at the local high school. True beginners will probably require in-studio quilting classes. Check with local craft and fabric stores because many offer classes for sewing clothes and for quilting. Pricing is affordable and usually includes materials.

Experienced Quilters

People who have been making quilts and are confident in their abilities can expand their techniques and creativity with thousands of patterns, stencils, instructions, and quilt kits available online. Intricate designs in pantograph form in digital, paper, self-print, and tear away formats are offered, as well as traditional patterns and stencils. Appliques and accessories are available as well.

A monthly club is offered to save time and money. A pantograph, along with two or three matching components, is sent to members automatically. There are two subscription rates from which to choose. Discover exciting new designs, make something different, and expand your creativity while saving money at the same time. Give the club a try and have some fun.

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